Middle school
Middle School

The Middle School is an educational, dynamic and creative society led by Lasallian principles. This section offers each student special attention responding to his/her varied needs. 

We, in the Middle School, believe in the importance of creating a healthy educational environment which targets excellence throughout shared support, accepting diversity and addressing different cultural needs.

  • We aim at improving students’ self-awareness at this important level as it is considered to be a bridge between elementary and secondary education. The students need to build up their knowledge and skills in order to succeed in their secondary education with confidence
  • We aim at bringing up a generation who is alert to changes around them. Thus, our students are able to solve mental and social problems.
  • We aim at having a generation who appreciates differences in life so that they become open-minded and accepting towards others by sharing their own cultures and thoughts.
  • We aim at providing a secure scholastic environment that ensures the best education given to students.